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These Fab Basset Hounds are About to Make Your Day.

"Rocky you are sooooo cute!!Loved looking at your photos. Hugs to you."

comment by scdoxielove

"Maggie is so gorgeous! Xoxo sweet basset girl. :)"

comment by gryt


comment by doglover122

"Those soulful eyes! Those floppy ears! Maggie is wonderful!"

comment by amyliz

"What a gorgeous hound! I had to make her a 'favorite'. Hugs from my girls to yours!"

comment by PeanutsGang

"What a face! I love the ears, the nose, the top of her head, the sweet gaze, the paws; i love everything about her."

comment by Mmmousemaid

"Sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL! I hope they enjoy very long and happy lives full of love and endless fun!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"He's super CUTE!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wolfgirl66

"I have never seen a basset with this coloring before, I thought they where all like your other basset you have pictured here with Oliver. He looks more like a puppy blood hound to me. May you be blessed with a longggg and happy life together."

comment by suzmom1

"You really have some great pictures here. Thanks for sharing! Oliver's a blast!"

comment by misterpiko


comment by linzelcakes

"Touching story Chloe. I feel for you."

comment by Tika123

"Pit Bull? wow: what a gentle face! "

comment by Slipsen

"she looks exactly like my dog Bodhi!!!!! please come and see him! Bodhi was found on the streets with his sister, mom and brother and then left the shelter and his family to go to Petsmart!"

comment by Bigdog*luva


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