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These Basset Hounds are Really Darling

"you do know that supermanu40 stole this dog and added it to their profile"

comment by mistymisty2006

"Handsome Luke is a awesome FOREVER FRIEND!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"the sad eyes get to me... :)"

comment by twilight_girl2010

"love it.. thats my kinda dog.. haha.. "

comment by twilight_girl2010

"Sending you a nice belly rub Luke. I love it that you play with bears just like my Bobby does too"

comment by my3dogs

""P" is for precious. Interesting breed mix. "

comment by schotime

"oh what a sleepy pup! such a cutie, wishing you both many happy years together."

comment by sowhatisnew

"I love this picture of you lying in the leaves! You are sooo cute! I'd love to see more pictures! You have beautiful eyes and I love your markings! I love basset hounds because of their cute long bodies and ears but droppy skin and short stubby legs. If that's not cute then what is!? If you added some more pictures you will definitly be the daily puppy! You are so cute I don't know how in the world they would turn you down! Welcome to the daily puppy! You are totally on my favorites~! :)"

comment by rockford

"Hamilton, you silly, pretty boy! I'd love to rub those ears and give you a biscuit or two."

comment by mablizz

"Whazz'up Hamilton? :) I think I'm in love. :)"

comment by gryt

"Oh my! Hamilton Ranger Bush, you WILL be dailypuppy! All you need is a couple more cute photos are you are ready! HALF WAY THERE CUTIE-PIE! Your TOTALLY on my favourites! BYE Ham.R.Bush!!!"

comment by cutiepants26


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