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These Pretty Basset Hounds are About to Make Your Day.

"Personally I LUV BASSET HOUNDS!!! and your is the cutest I've EVER seen!!! hope you have fun with him! please look at my dogs!!"

comment by ocean

"So funny!!! I love it "

comment by ddray61

"He loves his Peanut Butter!"

comment by ddray61

"He also loves to play in the snow...check out those ears, LOL."

comment by ddray61

"I love your face...and those ears!! Fergus you are a cutie"

comment by swabs

"i really wanted to comment on about five or six different pics of Fergus!! What a love puppy he is. So gorgeous and expressive. Love that ears! Have a happy life!"

comment by sammytoo!

"Ohh!! So presous!!!! huggs!!"

comment by nanna111

"He is just about the cutest puppy I have ever seen. I would love to give him a hug. So cute with his hedgehog. Many, many happy years with him."

comment by mommy2many

"This should be the next advertising photo for "Hushpuppies". Fergus is adorable! Good ole Basset, low-slung and going nowhere too fast."

comment by mcdammit

"How adorable!!! i loooove bassets! He descibes my basset, Dudley, prefectly."

comment by catdog5

"Great dog, name, photos! I could snuggle this love muffin for hours! Enjoy a long, healthy life filled with love, play, and lots of tummy rubs. Those ears are to die for!"

comment by bestfriends

"Sweet Beamer looks very loved, happy and content! All of Beamer's pics are adorable!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I don't think Beamer boy has enough attention here, lol. Your humans are spoiled you too much:-). You are the cutest boy!"

comment by mychiensr1


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