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These Darling Basset Hounds are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Beamer is a lil' dreamer:-)."

comment by mychiensr1

"Beautiful, beautiful Betty! Hound dogs rule!!"

comment by virgilsmama

"Lovely dog. :)"

comment by gryt

"What a fantastic bundle you've got I wish I had a basset hound as beautiful as yours!"

comment by rozee9893

"Hank is so fortunate to have such a great owner."

comment by peterjmccarthy

"OooooH what a cutie! Love the ears! Be happy!"

comment by monkeynbubba

"Are ya kidding me? This picture begs for the caption "Oh, mom............" You win the prize for best summer action photo!"

comment by milton's mom

"Such a precious baby! Soooo cute! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"This is a one in a million photograph, RJM! Beautiful! Adorable the way their heads are cocked exactly the same! :) Both of them are stunning xx"

comment by snoopygirl

"Cool mix. Huskies are so hyper and bassets are so chill, I'm curious as to which disposition Kessler inherited."

comment by muffin

"RJM such beautiful pictures. I picked this one because they look almost content. Mort seems to noticed your taking pictures again tho. Love the new addition "

comment by lucky&babesmom


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