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Your Naughty Saint Bernards Have Arrived!

"Seriously? Oh my gosh you are so cute I just want to cuddle you! Here's a treaty treat!"

comment by MyMollyWolly

"Your a cutie!"

comment by Jose

"Its so nice that there friends.Bear,your such a cutie!!!Such pretty colors you have.Lots of many happy years!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Bear is so cute *-* *hugs*"

comment by CoopersAunt

"I'm glad you got a picture of little Bear biting Marley's collar ... soon Bear will be too big to do it anymore and you'll wish you'd gotten a picture (like my Buddy did with his Bear). Hahaha, Bear as a neck ornament! Too cute and congratulations on a great rescue (who rescues whom?)."

comment by Cindylu001

"Beautiful pup; markings are lovely. Much happiness and a long life to you."

comment by andithebaby

"Gorgeous dog! :) Reminds me a little of my Saint mix, Duke! :)"

comment by Sunshyne276

"Asen you're a very handsome boy."

comment by Jose

"Wow that is an incredible mix, Asen you beautiful, beautiful little pup!"

comment by ElliotPuppy

"Hello Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you love to play in the snow! Our dogs love snow! Bye Bye Sweetheart!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Cuttie pie, Mollie baby girl! Hugs and kisses from 5 dogs in NM."

comment by mychiensr1

"aww i love the 1st pic and the 4th pic "

comment by petsarethebest

"What a cutie! "

comment by pandrews-4

"Beautiful dog! Don't they grow big? "

comment by darkgirl

"Awwwwww Sooo Cute!!"

comment by cutepuppies

"Quinn is such a pretty little girl!"

comment by bullets_mom


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