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These Gorg Akitas are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"Oh, what a handsome face. I can't get enough of it! Lexie would be happy to make him her arm candy, she doesn't mind if he's a little younger (she'll be a year next month! They grow so fast) I can even see some boxer in him. Whatever he is, he'll make you happy. Enjoy the lil mutt! ;)"

comment by LadyMam

"Kuma looks so lovely and cuddly, what an adorable boy"

comment by ~Claire~

"this photo is also too cute."

comment by teeru

"Way too cute!!! "

comment by peachluck

"What a cute looking guy you are Kuma! Lots of hugs & kisses are going your way from Maisie & I!"

comment by pandrews-4

"haloo kuma ( uniiiiw...)"

comment by empas m ontong

"aduhai lucuuuu anak guguk... helo ..."

comment by empas m ontong

"We love looking at your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"Kuma looks so lovely and cuddly, what an adorable boy."

comment by av617

"Awwwwwwww! I hope that Aika enjoys a long & happy life! She's very lovely!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Aww yeah, that's the spot.:) Beautiful doggy!"

comment by gryt

"What a name that peferctly suits! Aika the Akita! That's so cute! I just ADORE this absolutely cute photo! It looks like an igloo! HOW CUTE! Please add a biography because I'd love to nkow your beautiful Aika. Definitrly on my favourites. Please be my friend and comment on my dog, BYE!"

comment by cutiepants26

"Aika is gorgeous!"

comment by Tuckie0924

"Oh how interesting! Name's AKita and she is an Akita! How unique! Akita is very very beautiful!! She is soo lucky to be the daily puppy! Constant kisses and hugs and belly rubs to her! Hope she has many many many fantastic years ahead of her filled with fun, excitement and adventure! I love Akitas they are very pretty dogs!! :D Come visit my puppies plz :) "

comment by Puppygirl93

"Oh I meant the daily grown up dog of the day lol :) fast fingers LOL! :) "

comment by Puppygirl93


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