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These Staffordshire Bull Terriers are Painfully Joyful

"20 million cheers for your new forever friend who is simply adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles to ya'll!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"These pictures are so adorable!. He should be in movies, he is so picture-perfect. Have fun with him...really. I bet he is going to be full of fun times and a lot of laughs."

comment by shana11

"so cute i love your dog "

comment by sarahgminer

"sooooo CUTE! Check out my dogs, please comment on them ^_^"

comment by puppymad17

"Curtis is so cute! i cant get over it!!:)i like the picture of him holding up the sign 'i love u'."

comment by puppylove08

"TOOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS! I love the picture of her holding the "I love you" sign! Beautiful coat and color! Please leave a comment on my pup, Alfie. He would really appreciate it! ;-)"

comment by puplove13

"Pepper you're a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose

"Pepper you are a little doll. Your pictures tell a story of how loving & fun you are. "

comment by BDWeems

"good for you for rescuing this gorgeous pup, and giving her a good, loving home :-)"

comment by weaverpup

"Awwwwwwww, look at the face!!! She's gorgeous."

comment by slevinsmom

"Look at that face... who couldn't love it! What a darling girl. So happy that you gave her a loving home."

comment by scdoxielove

"So cute...my Boxer does this too(she always wants to snuggle). Sausage is adorable!!!!!"

comment by quilla

"Sweet Doris is very beautiful & I hope y'all enjoy many happy years together!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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