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These Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the Poster-Pups for Being Fab.

"Vinny, your story has a happy ending and you are one handsome boy!!!! Thank you for adopting him, you are his Angel of Rescue!!! Older, larger dogs are always hard to place but they deserve happiness too!!!! Much love & belly rubs for him. Storme & Dixie send their love. Manitoulin Is. On."

comment by LSM

"Love the pictures of him with the turtle!! He is so so cute!! He's definitely living the good life now!"

comment by GwdGma

"Oops- I mean HE'S got my heart! Sorry!"

comment by Beagle109

"My thanks, too, for saving such a sweet and special dog. She's got my heart!"

comment by Beagle109

"He is totally smiling in this picture! What a cutie-pie!"

comment by silhouPETte

"Red is so adorable! I would love to kiss you a trillion times:-)."

comment by mychiensr1

"She's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!"

comment by mileyhannah

"wow she is such a pretty girl, and sounds like a wonderful friend. :o) So happy you saved her life, I am sure she has made it worth it! I love her, she's beautiful. Many blessings to you and your family."

comment by lalamcgoo

"----proof positive----shelter dogs KNOW they've been saved....the happiness in this photo proves that"

comment by jepa

"He is adorable!"

comment by Lulus Mom


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