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Some Precious American Bulldogs to Make You Smile

"Sledge is very adorable and I hope he has endless fun with his toys!!!!!! He has a very sweet and lovable face!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"so cuuute"

comment by kylee123

"LOVE this face!! Biscuits and belly rubs to you, Sledge. You are just precious. "

comment by SandyB

"Such a thoughtful look. What a handsome furboy!"

comment by Critter Crazy

"What a cute pup! Love the Bulldogs!!"

comment by cstackpole

"he's very adorable!!!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"He is sooo cute"

comment by cindy3737

"So very precious. I want this baby."

comment by Rickysmom

"Wow!!!!!! Dozer is amazing and SOOOOOOOOOO cute! Hugs and kisses, love PuppyLover897. Come see Ruby, Sparky and Lucy and comment! thx!"

comment by PuppyLover897

"Hahah ... my god... Hope he had fun :P"

comment by Horus

"Such a cutie! Do you have more photos of Dozer?"

comment by DailyPuppy Admin

"(pic# 5) Our Atreyu just got out of one of these...Rex looks like he didn't like his and neither did Atreyu.LOL!! Rex is a super beautiful dog and he sounds like a wonderful forever friend!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"OMG I LOVE HIM! HESADORABLE! HE LOOKS LIKE MY UNCLE S DOG! And his name is Tex too, AND he is an American Bulldog"

comment by doggy_dancer101


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