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Ohhh Boy. Can you Believe How Darling These Lhasa Apsos Are?

"awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wardr0107

"i have a dog like that but its grown up and instead of a long tail he has a nub :)"

comment by pup-pyluvr22

"What a precious puppy!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"Sooooo adorable!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"OMG! I can't believe how much she looks like my dog Missy when she was a pup. I have 3 Lhasa Apso's and i can't believe the resemblance. She's BEAUTIFUL "

comment by lhasa crazy

"you are the most cuddliest teddy bear out there! Come give me a hug..."

comment by janaS

"he's got the thickest nicest fur I've ever seen. He looks super cuddly and sweet."

comment by janaS

"100% CUTE+!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Pretty girl! She looks very cute with her "pink" bow. So many great shots; I could comment on all of them!:)"

comment by w102663

"Lucy looks so cute in her Halloween costume and she stays so nicely for her picture. She is a sweetie! You're a lucky family."

comment by w102663

"She is absolutely adorable. I want to clone her! She's sweet!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"awww she looks like a little teddy bear :P so cuteee "

comment by dashaund lover

"1ooo% cute! i only like the dress ups which dont suffercate and hurts them. and your costume is the one i like. well done for not being cruell!"

comment by dalmatianlover

"This is my favorite photo. Love these two siblings so much. Bless them and help them find good homes. Wish I could take one but since I just lost my little one yesterday (and I am kinda far from you), I am just not ready to take on another pup. Perhaps soon, but not yet."

comment by magnolia'smom


comment by madelynk

"So cute! This baby and all the rest will get adopted quikly! That little face is sure to melt everybody's hearts!"

comment by cat+dogs=luv

"adorable!!!!! If I did not already have three, this cutie would be mine!!!"

comment by blong

"She is in a new home. I wish a home for her brother Ted E Bear and also Tiny Booties that are still looking for homes. She was a beautiful dog but so are her sister and brother still here waiting for homes. Thanks for comenting."

comment by ShadyCreekRescue

" This is one adorable terrier mix. If I didn't already have a dog...with a puppy coming in May, this little sweetheart would be a real temptation. She has the cutest face and looks so-s-o sweet! I hope that you get your forever home really soon. You deserve a loving family all your own...with lots of hugs and kisses. God bless you, little one. Lots of love....."

comment by Pupeluv


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