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Here's Some Heart-Meltingly Sweet American Eskimo Dogs. You're Welcome.


comment by Michelle72

"Bella is very beautiful & hopefully she will start treating Echo nicer over time!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Bella is so cute! I have seen many other dogs that are cute but this has the no.1 cute factor. I'm lovin it so much! She is amazing! "

comment by jash2

"I have two eskie girls and they both love the snow! My dogs are only prejudice against black dogs - any breed they will bark and go berzerk. Take care of this beauty."

comment by MRSV

"What a beautiful girl! I am so sorry for her thyroid problem, but it sounds like you are doing everything to keep her active and as healthy as possible. What a joy she sounds like!"

comment by GwdGma

"Oh my goodness, Bella sounds like a handful, lol! She is precious. Like her brother Echo, she reminds me of my beloved Snowy. One of my Goldens (Beau) had a thyroid condition and started to lose his fur and gain weight. He took to his medication very well... his fur grew back nice and healthy and his weight went down. It's not fair that our pets should have these health issues. "

comment by Cricket7

"she sure is a beauty!! and she sounds like a wonderful fur-baby!!! i love her personality!!!!!!"

comment by AlanaDavis

"Looks like a lil bear."

comment by Dhira

"Is he trying to play a video game in his sleep?! Ronan, your position, your bottom feet sticking up are cracking me UP!!! And I love the "stairs" story, too."

comment by pupfanatic

"Ronan is sooo adorable! I'm glad that you and Kahlua loves your mommy and daddy more than anything. They do deserve your love so much! "

comment by mychiensr1

"Just precious!"

comment by leia kelly

"Aww what a little mouse. Sooooo sweet!"

comment by gryt

"You are just the cutest little Pup Ronan!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and tummy rubs in your new home! Hugs and Licks from Meka and Maya"

comment by dgreene68

"His pictures are great. He is soooooooooooo lovely!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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