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These Gorgeous Labrador Retrievers will Make your Heart Grow Three Sizes.

"total cuteness!!! so cute:)"

comment by tiny 2299

"he's SO adorable & he looks like such a happy puppy! "

comment by junobear

"An Independence Day pup! Happy 1st b-day, Hank. You are one big handsome gentleman. You remind me of my Bailey whom I miss more than anything. Seeing your face makes me smile with the memories. "

comment by littleguysmom

"Your as beautiful as the Lilies in the valley!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hello! You have a beutiful dog. We just got our labbe recently. Riley is only 12 weeks. Could you let us know what your dogs demeanor is all grown up? Thanks Brent and Sarah"

comment by trstno1

"Lilly looks like a quintessential Lab even though she's a mix. I'm sure she's a great life and that she's a great dog to have around. Have a time with your Lilly :) "

comment by tobyslattery

"she is soooo adorable i love labs esp. black and chocolate congrats on being puppy of the day and koodod to your other dog who is also very cute "

comment by kndkira

"O.M.G cuteness alert! Lilly is absolutely ADORABLE! I cannot believe there is only 5 comments! Lilly deserves so much more :) I didn't know she was a mix - she looked like pedigree Lab to me :) Hugs & snuggles for your baby girl from Pippin ^_^"

comment by dobielove17

"Lilly is very beautiful!!! she looks sooo cute!!! i have a beagle mix my self!! (beagle collie) name haylee."

comment by Blizzard11

"LOVE this picture, too!!!!"

comment by BeautyLover

"WOW!!!!!!!!! 1000% BEAUTIFUL+!!!!!!!! Wonderful pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Haha! Love your description! Youre so adorable and hansome, Ms. Cutie!"

comment by sheltie_lover11

"o my goodness! rocco is beautiful!"

comment by rubysmama


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