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Happy Dalmatian Day! These Cutie Pies Will Help You Celebrate.

"I hope that lovely Annie enjoys a long and playful life! She looks like a super happy puppy!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Had a dalmatian 'Kaiser' who sadly we lost 2 yrs ago, but he gave use so much love, and fun. We hope you and Annie have many many happy times to come filled with laughter. Dalmatians are a breed that love to run,play and have fun so enjoy every minute with her."

comment by tiddliwinks

"I LOVE DALMATIANS OMG URS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM OBSESSED WITH DALMATIANS. I DONT HAVE ONE, I HAVE A BRITTANY SPANIEL, BUT I WANT A DALMATIAN!!!"

comment by dalmatianlover

"i love you soooo much! your spots are unbelievable! i love you and i'm sure she has lots of goovyness like my dog does! have a fantastic life! lots and lots of hugs and kisses from me!"

comment by dachshund luva

"Ever since I was little I always wanted a dalmatian, and I 100% know I will get one when I have my own place. The best thing about dalmatians is that you can't fake one because (by looks) they are all different. Plus no dog is the same but with dalmatians, it's proof right infront of you even siblings. Thats what i love about them. Have alot of fun with Annie!"

comment by cutiepants26

"annie is soooooo adrrable!i love the photos!she looks soooo sweet!i hope she lives a long a happy life!"

comment by allygirl

"She, is picture perfect."

comment by SweetPea13

"She, is a very cute dalmatian puppy...They, are one of my favorite dogs I loved them since I was a little girl and still do and want another one. She is a very adorable dalmatian puppy her spots are marked very pretty. Have, a wonderful day."

comment by SweetPea13

"Aaww, Annie, you truly are a lovely and and sweet puppy! I think Dalmatians are very unique! Lots os love, kisses, belly rubs and treats for you darling!! I wish you a long happy and full of fun life!! Comment on my puppies please. :) "

comment by Puppygirl93

"Very beautiful face... He looks so sweet"

comment by robertacrim

"We adopted our dalmatian "Liberty" from our local SPCA 11 years ago. He has been the best dog ever and we love him so much! Have fun with your Pongo!"

comment by lisabrz

"I always check out the recently added puppies, but I rarely comment, until now! I've had 4 Dalmatians in my life and I've loved them all dearly. There is nothing on this Earth more adorable than a Dal puppy, and Pongo is no exception! All the pics are amazing! Best wishes to you and your fur family!"

comment by houndini

"Such a stunning Dalmation puppy. They are a handful, so full of energy and love! Little Pongo, I wish you a long and healthy life with your family!"

comment by elviswestie

"OHHHH MANGO....you are just a BEAUTY!! I had a white and black Dalmatian many years ago.....her name was Inkka and she marched in parades with our Fire Dept. She was beautiful too. She was very much a protector of the kids, that's for sure. Had strong motherly instincts. You brought back so many memories. You are beautiful!! Hugs and belly rubs from me & McGee!! :-)"

comment by yankigal

"Soooooooooooooo SWEET & ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"You are a very handsome boy Mango! If I were a fireman or firewoman I would love to have you on my fire truck!"

comment by suzmom1

"wow mango, you're gorgeous! and you look very happy and well taken care of. so glad you got a good forever home."

comment by jack14

"This is the face that will get anything he wants! Mango (love your name) you are one great looking boy! You are just 1000% adorable! & grew up to be such a strikingly handsome lad! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you good looking"

comment by guerrero's grandma

"What a gorgeous dog, and gorgeous picture. Very happy ending to his story.... You should submit him as the daily dog. I actually think he's more handsome as an adult than as a puppy! is that possible? Big hug and kiss to him. "

comment by border collie mom


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