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These Fab Catahoula Leopard Dogs are About to Make Your Day.

"This dog is gorgeous. I had a dog once that was part Catahoula. Great dog! "

comment by mamamia

"I love my 'houla hound! What a great breed they are and make such loving, loyal members of the family!"

comment by krisannes4

"We hope to be fostering 3 catahoula pups soon. Will keep everyone posted."

comment by joule's mom

"she looks like a great dog!!! if you love catahoula's please check out the catahoula united rescue society at www.catahoulaunited.com"

comment by emaallen1993

"I also love my Catahoula. She came to us after telling my son "absolutely not another dog." We feel in love instantly. That beautiful spirit and personality won us over. Kali looks a lot like my dog Judy. Catahoula's are not like most dogs - they are better."

comment by egdirdle

"catahoula cur? no way! he he. i love this breed. so elegant and beautiful. shrimp is so beautiful im sure she will make daily puppy if you submitted her! C in BCD luver stands for this breed."

comment by BCD luver

"A nap in a comfy chair with the sun-light shining on you - life couldn't be any better for Data. :o)"

comment by w102663


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