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These Fab Brittany Spaniels are About to Make Your Day.

"What a cute little girl!"

comment by Denvir

"Shes soooo cute!!!She seem so happy,her hair is so clean. I agree with you, she doesnt look like she 10.Shes so sweet!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"What a cutie"

comment by BuddyandMe

"This picture is so cute and funny!And when i first lookes at Addisyn...i just instantly saw her brown eyes!(: Please come and see my puppy Sophie!Maybe we can be friends?(:"

comment by *ilovemygolden*

"Gracie is an adorable pup! I love this pic of her in the mud. i bet she loves the lake. I hope by now she has gotten over her jealous bits and is happy being part of the pack. Would love to see more pics with her canine siblings."

comment by sowhatisnew

"Thanks for your comments and we really appreciate them. I bought Grace a simple rope toy for Xmas and she is crazy about it. She throws it all around and then goes to fetch the darn thing. I never thought a dog could be so happy with a toy! I will try to take some pictures of her with our other pets in the near future perhaps. Grace still growls slightly when Sharla comes to near to us when Grace is on the couch next to us. She stops when we scold her though. "

comment by sharlamay

"Gracie May is beautiful, I love her freckles! Adorable! Xx"

comment by randomearrings


comment by xchlox3

"awww!!! very cutee do"

comment by xchlox3

"spope has a brittany too u know! kiss to roma! ;D"

comment by tobyslattery

"Roma is so pretty. I just love her little freckles on her snout. Oh and congratulations on making the front page of The Daily Puppy. Have a wonderful time with you little Roma."

comment by tobyslattery

"really cute :) i love her colors"

comment by tasha bella

"Roma is really cute!"

comment by samoodleg

"How cute! I wish I had these many comments!"

comment by maltesepuppyowner

"So Adorable! Give her a big hug!"

comment by luvmyboyz


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