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These Perf Samoyeds are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Very pretty eyes, and a happy face, just gorgeous."

comment by lovely latvian


comment by wolfgirl66

"sooooooooo cute hes so fluffy and his fur is gorjest "

comment by tuckerpup19

"I love sammies and am. eskimos. They're so beautiful."

comment by starbelly

"Haven, you are cute and pretty. You and your brother Hudson are quite the pair. Cuteness overload. Long and happy life pretty baby!!"

comment by sheila


comment by pepperpot26@cox.net

"Hudson and Haven are precious! I don't know much about the Samoyed breed - I bet they'll get much bigger... Fun and love to you all!"

comment by maltese2luv

"so sweet!!!!"

comment by jobo123

"Very photogenic! Such an absolutely adorable boy!! I agree with gryt, need more pics! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"You is very cute puppy! =3"

comment by jesssicaa816

"We're going to need about 100 more pictures of little Ludo! Such a lovely, adorable little floofster. :)"

comment by gryt


comment by wolfgirl66

"Skeeter, please tell your humans that they can't just stop at one picture and no bio! That would be cruel when they have such a beautiful fluffball in their house!"

comment by westiefan99


comment by iamh777

"What a gorgeous pup!"

comment by gryt


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