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These Toy Fox Terriers are Rlyrly Enchanting

"what a beauty. so glad you two found one another. "

comment by goblue89

""look how white these make my teeth " very cute !"

comment by tropicsteve

"Now isn't he the cutest little thing!!"

comment by sundayfriday

"Gratz Pingu!! May you get lots of kisses and belly rubs today!!"

comment by snifferspommom

"Awwww! He's adorable! I love his colors, and that's funny he sits in his bowl He's so small! He looks sort of like my old pup I used to have. But that was a while back when I was around 15. We called him Buddy. But he is just gorgeous! I hope he lives a long time! Adorable!"

comment by shootzyshotzytoyoumydearfoes

"Pingu is sooooo adorable! I love the 2 breeds of dog that he is. He has very cute puppy dog eyes that just make you melt inside! It must be cute when he and Saffy play all the time! I love his colors and his tail! LOVE HIM! :)"

comment by roxy36

"You are just stunning! I love your unique markings! You picked such pretty boy! Congrats on dailypuppy! Love Rocky and Friends"

comment by rockford

"Pingu just gets to me! he is so lovely and adorable and he's really growing up. I love watching the videos you post on You Tube! they really make me smile. he's a great little fella!"

comment by puppyloveforme

"So adorable! I love the color"

comment by Kam&Wes

"What another darling little scruff. Oscar & Doedie must look so cute playing together. You're a lucky little guy to hve a big sister to show the ropes (and slippers). Hugs & treats to Oscar from Oscar."

comment by Heather

"Why are you so cute? I just want to pic you up and give you a BUG kiss! Love you!!!!! xoxo"

comment by DoggyLover24

"Oscar,your so handsome.You have very beautiful markings,I like the white on the tip of your tail.And what sweet caring eyes.Lots of many happy years!!!"

comment by Debbie 57


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