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These Labrador Retrievers are Extremely Soft

"what a cutie. please comment on my puppies."

comment by loveofpuppies

"nice pics "

comment by ishaaroraa

"Awh thank you jamie was all ready for halloween"

comment by hannah&jamie

"Jamie is adorable and I hope everything goes well with his hip replacement. He looks especially sweet in picture #8 with his paw up against his cheek :) Kisses to him!"

comment by emmyco

"Lab puppies love to chew. Our seemed to chew for the first three years of his life. Having a good long run everyday seemed to tire him out enough to turn his attention from chewing for the day. Jamie is a handsome guy. Hope his surgery goes well."

comment by elliel

"It is obvious how much Jamie is loved! "

comment by chelsearosebud

"Lovely Patches looks soooooooooooo sweet!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What a wonderful dog family! They are all beautiful dogs and you are blessed to have them--and they are blessed to have a family kind enough to adopt them. Wishing you all long, happy, healthy lives in the years to come. A truckload of biscuits for these gorgeous hounds! XOXOXO"

comment by vorner

"I couldn't resist commenting on this picture. You can just see the impishness in the cutie pie! ADORABLE!!!!"

comment by vorner

"Your Roxy dog looks like she has a lot of Begian Malinois in her. I love how the 2 older pups are completely oblivios to the camera and Patches is turning on the puppy charm. What a great trio you have! Lots of belly rubs to them all...."

comment by terryt1955

"what a cutie!! hugs from Memphis...."

comment by stillwater20

"Hello Beautiful Daisy! I have a feeling that you are a very special member of your loving 4ever family! I hope you enjoy a very long and super happy life! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"All of your pictures are very adorable!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Daisy Mae, you remind me of my first Lab, Cedar. I see very little Chessie in you.You are so very beautiful, I am wishing the very best for you. Love from Liz, Daisy, Buddy and Levon"

comment by virgilsmama

"what a lovely girl!she looks like a handful....and also an angel!so cute!"

comment by sugar tail

"Hello Sweet Timber! You are sooooooooo lovable, playful, cuddly, wonderful & 100% BEAUTIFUL! I hope you enjoy many happy years with your loving 4ever family! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wolfgirl66

"Deeply adorable"

comment by monkeynbubba

"OHHHHH MY!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO cute I cannot even resist!"

comment by emmasmom26


comment by chelsearosebud


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