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Wow... Can't. Even. Handle. These. Chinese Shar-Peis!

"I hope that sweet Zoey and y'all enjoy many wonderful years together full of love, trust, patience, happy adventures, good health, yummy food, tons of fun and endless love! Pretty Zoey sounds like a very special member of her loving 4ever family! I adore her! My niece is named Zoey but her name is spelled Zoe.."

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wolfgirl66

"OMG! I love Zoey smile! She is such a cute girl! Show dog or no show dog. You are the best lookingbaby girl on the planet."

comment by mychiensr1

"Oh I needed to see this picture this morning! That's the sweetest "hippo face" I've ever seen. Congratulations on your 'imperfect' Zoey :)"

comment by PeanutsGang

"I just love the wrinkles!! That's why I have a Pug! You're so lovely!!!"

comment by simonecabredo

"I have always loved Sharpays! Good Luck to you! I absolutely love those cute RINKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!........... "

comment by retrieverlover06

"He is soooooo ugly that he is cute! :)"

comment by retrieverlover06

"i love shar-peis they are so cute"

comment by miDaisy

"OMG this dog's wrinkles are the cutest!!! This dog is like super adorable, over the top cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by kell43funky


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