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These Labrador Retrievers are Perfectly Snuggly

"Sorry about the above comment, had two windows open. Thanks for giving Chance a better, happy life. He sounds like he's loving you back for it. :)"

comment by georgia04

"Lucy is a lovely lady. She looks like such a sweetheart. :)"

comment by georgia04

"a very cute boy!"

comment by dogs101

"Chance is very handsome and i trust is tough life is behind him now, lots of love for him."

comment by doggone1973


comment by docman

"Hello Beautiful! I hope you enjoy many happy years with your loving 4ever family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Bye SWEETHEART!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Cali is adorable and I love this picture too. "

comment by drakes' granny

"Sooooo cute! You look so playful and sweet!"

comment by PuppyWeavable

"Cali you're a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose

"DUKE you are 100% adorable and I bet that you are lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!All of your wonderful pictures are great!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I have a lab too! Look at him (Jac)"

comment by miley*cyrus*fan*2

"He is so adorable. I remember when my Lab was like that all long legs and big paws. So cute!"

comment by lweston

"The story bout Duke's parents being called Sampson and Delilah gave me chills. Duke is definitely ment to be. Many happy years to him and Tyra. Both are beautiful dogs."

comment by klgoonsquad

"I have a black lab that does the "duke dash" too! Its the funniest thing ever and she usually ends up crashing into a wall or something. but duke is so cute! Lots of kisses to him!"

comment by iwantapuppy93


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