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These Bloodhounds are Extremely Fabulous

"Sweet Cooper is 2 cute 4 words!!!! I hope ya'll enjoy many wonderful years together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Cooper is adorable. Congratulation on making the front page. Have a great time with your little Cooper :)"

comment by tobyslattery

"Cooper... I love the newer pictures of you. You are just such an adorable hound! Love to see some pics of your Basset Hound siblings."

comment by scdoxielove

"awww so cute just like me!!!"

comment by dogs101

"Cooper is a great name, and an adorable pup."

comment by dawgie

"Cooper is very lovable, We wish you many happy years together!"

comment by Zorigami

"OMG he is just to cute, what a doll!!!!! I love him!!! Please comment on my 2 Bloodhounds!! Jericho & Veronni!!!"

comment by Rosie Chapman

"haha! great pic...You are gorgeous!"

comment by woof-dodger

"You are MAGNIFICENT!!! Your name is beautiful and so are you, Congratulations on your day! Love from Virgil and Daisy, hound dogs!!"

comment by virgilsmama


comment by tyrahdae

"Look at that cute happy wrinkly puppy! Too cute!"

comment by rockford

"they're supposed to be, i'm a photographer half of my life... :-) www.nikonmiami.com"

comment by nikonmiami

"Sooooooooo ADORABLY HANDSOME!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"To the photographer---your pics are wonderful, all of them. You have great subjects to work with, like these two!!! Dogs really enjoy dog friends/sister/brother, best buds! Pretty Penny, handsome Henley!!"

comment by virgilsmama

"ohhh he is a very cute nd handcome ...."

comment by sparky123

"Roscoe, you are an absolute charmer. I want to hug you so bad. I wish you a long and happy life and many new things to smell!"

comment by jocie3

"Oh my gosh! Roscoe you just crack me up! I just absolutely love you! "

comment by Josey44

"she is so pretty, they are such big babies :-), i cant be away from mine for two minutes he cries a lot, im still working on the training tho. and the big babies part i meant it in the adorable way "

comment by zarsmonkey

"WOW!!!!!!!! Pretty Bacon sounds like a very wonderful forever friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"hey u are the dog that was the grown up puppy of the day! so cool! love her face. please give your sweet girl a treat from me! XOXO ;)"

comment by tobyslattery


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