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Your Squeezable Black And Tan Coonhounds Have Arrived!

"Olivia's very BEAUTIFUL and her pictures are adorable!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"awwwwwwwwwww olivia is just the cutest thing in the world im sooo happy she graced the front page today ;D"

comment by starheart5

"I know this sounds a bit silly, but where did you adopt Olivia? I adopted my black and tan coonhound from the humane society in Quaker Hill, CT, from a litter of four. "

comment by soalicesaid

"Olivia is a very beautiful girl full of promise and life, I am sure she will make others very happy!"

comment by puppyfixation

"im definitly adding olivia to my favorites. what an awesome name! She has so many adorable pictures! Congrats on being puppy of the day!"

comment by pawprint1513

"I'm in agreement, Ellie Mae, you do have the cutest ears! But be nice to the kittie, lol!! "

comment by wolfgirl66


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