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These Playful Keeshonds are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"So cute! Really, this is too much! LOL! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Little bear. Awwwwwww..."

comment by Dhira

"Jeremiah is SO cute! I love you Jeremiah! Lots of kisses to you! And of course he's a maniac fluff-ball! :) ~Madison"

comment by PuppyLove15

"What a cutie!!! He is sooooooo cute!!! I love that name too!!! It looks like it suits him perfectly!!! Does it? I love his facial expressions in the pictures you took!!! He looks soooooo sweet!!! You are a lucky person to have this adorable little boy around all the time!!! I hope you guys have an amazing life together, with many more happy and healthy years together!!!"

comment by NanimyBoston

"That you all for your sweet comments! I haven't been on this site in ages... Jeremiah was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease a few weeks ago, but the vets say they can't medicate him. He's not doing well at all right now. It's hurting me so much to see him like this..."

comment by Irishcowgirl


comment by I-Love-Dobermans-08

"He's gorgeous!"

comment by Denvir


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