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These Pointers are the Poster-Pups for Being Friendly.

"I love when I see a dog smiling! Jones looks like quite the happy camper in this pic! He sure is a cutie!"

comment by pandrews-4

"He is soooo cute!! I am sooo happy your family found him!! Cool breed I have never heard of it but he is very cute so I bet they are GREAT dogs! Congratulations on getting Grown Up of the Day!!! Very sweet name it is like someone in my class their last name is Jones!! I love all his pictures!! I wish him a very long life!! I also wish many many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, more love, and many many more GREAT things!! Please check out my dogs!! Thanks alot!! :D:D:D:D:D:):):):):):)"

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"Jones is absolutely adorable!"

comment by kdcrazy

"Jones is such a handsome fella'! he REALLY reminds me of my pup, Chloe. we also adopted her. Jones looks so majestic in this picture and he seems like a great pup. so glad you found him and gave him a great home! congrats on making the grown-up puppy! please comment on my pups ;) "

comment by jazzloe lover

"Your a cutie!"

comment by Jose

"As cute as she is now, I can only imagine how amazing she must have looked as a puppy. A whole litter of puppies like that? STUNNING! What amazing markings! What a fun dog :o)"

comment by Holly Belle's Mom

"Maggie,your so adorable!!!Such beautful markings you have and the sweetiest eyes.Your colors are so pretty.Lots of many happy years!!!xxoo"

comment by Debbie 57


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