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Can't Get Enough Pix of Perfect Belgian Malinoiss?

"Roscoe is so cute!! check out my dog Tank a german shepherd malamute mix. He looks like a purebred just with down ears. ill send u a friends request........ please accept!!!"

comment by Blizzard11

"What A Neat Breed I Don't Think I've Ever Heard Of It!! And Hurray For You You Rescued Those Dogs From A Hprrible Fate I'm Glad Now She Can Finally Be Happy Living In Her Forever Famliy!!"

comment by clementinem

"Thank you for saving this angel and her pups from a horrible fate. She is gorgeous."

comment by Rickysmom

"Awww. she is so cute! I hope she gets adopted!"

comment by BriannaN25

"Happy b'day miss Chloe. Have a super special day!"

comment by schotime


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