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Get Ready. Can't. Even. Handle. These. Airedale Terriers!

"You've got a strong build. Your owners must be so proud of you. Long life and lots of love for you sweetie. "

comment by puppielova

"Awww! She is a cutie! :o)"

comment by njeb

"She is beautiful... Many happy years are wished for all of you!"

comment by monkeynbubba

"What a cutie I love his little face its sooooooooooooo adorable lots of love for him"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"Her sorry"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"She is adorable!! Congratulations on getting Puppy of the Day!! Beautiful name!! She is a sweetheart!! I wish her a very long life!! Cute pictures!! I love her face!! I wish her many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, more love, and many more GREAT things!! Please check out my dogs!! Thanks soooo much!!!!!!!:D"

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"looks like great dane in her too."

comment by drakes' granny

"2 CUTE 4 WORDS!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by twilght~girl

"Chester is a very handsome boy. I almost feel sorry for you. As a dog myself, I had to wear one of those E collars before. I HATE those E collars. You can’t move or walk around anywhere without hitting things. You can’t lick your itchy stitches and that sucks. Cookie the Chihuahua, my living ex-girlfriend’s exact words are, “you look freaking hideous with that E collar on and it’s a turnoff for me.” Oh well, as for the lump on your back, my best friend Hack who lives next door also has a lump on his back. His human took him to the vet. By looking at it, the vet can’t know for sure but he decided to do a needle biopsy. That is the definitive result. He found out that it was just a lipomas cyst which is a fat deposit under the skin when the dog is getting up in the years. It is normal for us dogs. I’m no vet but I hope that’s what you’ve got. Kudos to your humans for loving and caring for you enough to take you to the vet. Have a wonderful New Year with your humans. Btw, Cookie just walked by, saw your pic with the E collar on, and commented on how handsome you look. You look marvelous!!! I mean WTH, didn’t she tell me that that thing looked hideous on me? I’m beginning to suspect she’s trying to find any reason at all to dump me. I think she’s crazy…I don’t understand women at all. Oh well, I hope someday she will take me back if I beg her. P.S. – I told my mommy to write this down for me since my paws don’t work very well on the keyboard. "

comment by mychiensr1


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