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These Darling Whippets are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"I used to have a boxer dog named indy!"

comment by muir66

"AWW! I have a whippet, and she is adorable!"

comment by honeybun1

"hes so cute! He got a cute smile!"

comment by autirh

"Hi Boolean!!!Thats a really cute name.Your eyes are so gorgeous and very pretty markings.Lots of many happy years!!!xxoo "

comment by Debbie 57

"Boolean, you have a great smile! You look like you have a dynamic personality and are lots of fun to be around. Love how you slayed your little tiger woobie. Wishing you years of fun and smiles and love with your human family."

comment by Critter Crazy

"Happy b'day handsome Kip. "

comment by schotime


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