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Your Happy Italian Greyhounds Have Arrived!

"WOW! Warp drive"

comment by trapperjim

"Can actually run on water..."

comment by trapperjim

"you're so beautiful and elegant Holden, and your name is cute too. so glad you have a wonderful family and life."

comment by jack14

"you should also definitely get your family to submit you for the daily puppy. great pictures."

comment by jack14

"Wow, look at him go!! Wonderful dog and lovely photos."

comment by gryt

"Love, love, love everything about you Holden. Stunning dog! Enjoy a long, healthy life filled with love, play, and snuggles."

comment by bestfriends

"He is a gorgeous IG! :)He's a good weight too. Greyhounds seem to gain and lose weight rather quickly. But he looks to be in a good health. I look forward to more pictures of Holden. XD"

comment by PipermyPoodle

"I would have adopted Vanessa/Abigail in a heartbeat if we didn't live on the west coast!!! I even had her new name picked out (Tessa...sounds like Vanessa). I am happy for you and insanely jealous. She is beautiful and clearly very intelligent and sweet. (It is all in the eyes and perky ears!) Here's to many happy years together for you."

comment by puppyupper

"Abigail- we are so happy for you. You found your forever home- many many belly rubs :)"

comment by maddie the dog


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