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These Wire Fox Terriers are Oh-So Snuggly

"Segen - what a curious and happy puppy you are! Not to mention absolutely adorable. Of course you are also a klepto-puppy, so be sure and hide those tools and water bottle or else you will have to give them up! Have a happy and healthy life!"

comment by elviswestie

"Handsome Quincy is a very adorable rascal!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"awwwwwwwww. He is just so cute"

comment by sadiebarber

"Quincy...I love your name!!!! You are ADORABLE!!!!!"

comment by quilla


comment by naomi_C

"Quincy is so adorable!!! Lots of belly rubs and biscuits for him!! Sweet dreams Quincy in that big comfy bed of yours!!"

comment by jules7

"Quincy is so cute:D im glad he found true love :) "

comment by ilovemysunny

"Quincey is one of the cutest doggies I've ever seen!! LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!"

comment by howiesmom

"TOO precious!"

comment by txajax

"What a gorgeous dog! I've had a rescue WHFT boy Shelby since 2001, and couldn't imagine life without him. And though I've always loved dogs of every type, I think the WHFT is the greatest. They're so smart and playful and energetic and fun to be with. I use mine for pet therapy,he's incredibly patient with people and other pets, will sit patiently for hours while I'm visiting patients with him in geriatrics or hospice. I'm very fortunate to have the chance to be his dad, and I hope to be as patient as him one day, too. He also has made me laugh every single day that I've had him, and people stop me all the time wanting to meet him when we're out for walks or for therapy visits. Your Nicky looks every bit as special in his photos.Thanks for posting the photos of Nicky, they made me smile."

comment by tenn4


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