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Need Some Perf Scottish Terriers in your Day? Of Course You Do.

"Wonder what she's thinking - what a sweetheart!"

comment by flutey48

"Tory, I'm SO glad that you found your lovin' forever home! This pic rates a "what a mug" award!! Many happy years to you little girl...."

comment by JanW

"Hi Tory!!!!Your such a beautiful girl.I LOVE your black hair!!!You have a very gorgeous smile and cute ears!Lots of many happy years!!!xxoo"

comment by Debbie 57

"Oh, my goodness! What an irresistible expression! She is so cute and her scruffiness is enchanting. So glad you brought her home!"

comment by Critter Crazy

"Hahahaha - looks like Tory is getting the old "stink eye" from her pal Charlotte. Thank you so much for adopting a black dog - the people at the shelter were telling the truth...both black dogs and black cats are the most likely to be overlooked by potential adopters. I have a "mini campaign" to try to get the word out about this and to encourage people to give these animals a chance to show them love galore comes in a black coat! BTW, you're just a jump to the southeast of me up here in Scranton."

comment by ChaysonsMom

"Geez! The toy is bigger than you, Bernie!!! Ha ha!! Beautiful dogs!! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Beautiful Bella is a very lovely lady!!!!!!!! She looks like a happy little charmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"so cute ,yet adorable"

comment by popatop01

"my scottie is always on squirrel patrol as well! yours is so cute!"

comment by lduerksen

"My Riley would LOVE to play with Bella!"

comment by eag45

"miss bella rose is 2 cute!"

comment by Courage's mommy


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