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These Leonbergs are Rlyrly Goofy

"GREAT looking dogs!! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Cutest teddybear ever."

comment by gryt


comment by wolfgirl66

"She is so cute! I have a leonberger too and his name is Leon. I don't see very many leonbergers and I am always happy to see one! Go BELLA!!!"

comment by pudgiethepug

"Oh, she is absolutely adorable!"

comment by pmartin33

"so cute i would love to know the breed!"

comment by pawprint1513

"Leonbergers are an amazing breed! I am putting a lot of thought into getting one of my own. :)"

comment by Nailbunny

"That peanut is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous. You are a lucky one lucky owner."

comment by JC

"She looks something like a Newfoundland. Is she a version of one? Absolutely Beautiful. May you love eachother forever."

comment by In Memory of Annie

"Sweet Fozzie is 100% CUTE+!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Oh my goodness, Fozzie was an adorable baby....bless his little heart:-)"

comment by w102663

"What a sweetheart !"

comment by sarl6618

"Fozzie is so cute!! I have a leonberger too & his name is Leon!"

comment by pudgiethepug

"I love his Ears They look like bunny ear CUTIE check out Lola Charlie,lily,Hanky"

comment by pinklove

"Oh my goodness! Look at this face! Tanin is such an adorable little boy! I love allllll of his pictures, and I can't wait to see this face on the front page! Anyways-- I have never heard of that breed before, but it certinly is cute. It sounds like Tanin is living the good life too. ;D I love his eyes here, he just looks happy! Tanin is deffinetly added to my favorites! Kisses&Hugs from Zoie :)"

comment by milkshakex3

"One of my favorite breeds! He is absolutely precious. Tanin looks like such a lovable boy :) "

comment by marleyboyle25

"Tanin is so adorable!!!!"

comment by kenna

"Tanin is adorable. What is he mixed with to make such a lovely breed. Definitely German Shep and another lovely breed. Have heard of them, but have never seen one on DP. Well done! Check out my 'new' puppy.(6 month old Black German Shep. "

comment by gill

"Tanin is adorable! Our Shadow resembles Tanin quite a bit and I will be anxious to see pictures as Tanin grows. How much does he weigh at 4 1/2 months? Many happy times with this sweetie pie and you will soon be calling him your gentle giant I am sure!"

comment by dint1024

"Tanin,you have an adorable face and those eyes are just so Beautiful.happy long life sweetie.kisses n hugs. "

comment by shortyww22


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