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Happy Finnish Spitz Day! These Buddies Will Help You Celebrate.

"She is absolutly adorable!!!"

comment by mbouthiet

"!AWWW! Totally beautiful!"

comment by lynxgirl77

"She's beautiful!!! So glad you found her! Lucky day for you both! :)"

comment by luvmyboyz

"such a sweet bundle of white!! "

comment by lucyluv

"So cute!"

comment by lokiddo

" I had a miniature american eskimo and he was so cute to his name was siku which meant snow and ice in Inuit. Those are really smart dogs so make sure your let her use her brain also train her know because when they grow up they can have baking problems just like mine she is so cute !! have fun with her! "

comment by ilovelagottos

"aww cute =)"

comment by i_love_carmella_and_hoffa

"VERYhandsome! I love him! This is a beautiful picture! Please comment on my poms and rott! Thanks! *Precious*"

comment by *Precious*


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