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Need Some Gorgeous Labrador Retrievers in your Day? Of Course You Do.

"hi everyone! thankyou soo soo much for the nice comments and guess what!?! ripley won today's grown-up puppy! YAY!!! i love this picture for some reason! you would think ripley is the dog closest to the camera but he is the one on the left hand-side in the background! also thanks soo soo much too *k-9_luver* because ripley would not have won if *k-9_luver* didn't tell me to submit him! also thanks to skater-dude for being soo nice to me and **ChopChop!** because she is my far away family so i just ave to thank her for being a nice person! and yes she does know ripley in real life but she has only seen him like 10 or 15times before. and yes she is right ripley's getting bigger still and he still is growing so i did just get him a new black collar! thanks for reading and please please keep up the comments!!! thanks!!!!!!!!! (:(:(:"

comment by K-9's_Rule!

"He's a beautiful puppy! Would love to give him a great big hug. God Bless"

comment by mks2774

"{Huge sigh}"

comment by chelsearosebud

"omg he would be the best friend for chiqui.look him up!!!!!"

comment by Orfeo


comment by theinspector


comment by pugsrule4

"oh my heavens that little guy is precious!!! I can tell he loves his people too, how sweet, enjoy this little gem, he wont be little for long, he looks so similar to my Roxy when she was tiny! ENJOY! :o)"

comment by lalamcgoo

"101% daily puppy worthy!"

comment by kdcrazy

"wat a cutie"

comment by io echo

"Henry is just too cute!! He looks a lot like my pup!!"

comment by iluvmypuppycody

"Great pictures, he is adorable."

comment by greyhoundmommy

"bell reminds me of my dog who was shot :("

comment by cocobean99

"Your Bella and our Bella could be twins. She is absolutely adorable. How old is she?"

comment by How021859


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