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Your Goofy Gordon Setters Have Arrived!

"awwwwww cute! Shes really cute!!!!!Biscuits & hugs!!!!!"

comment by bunis

"what a beautiful girl, she is very lucky to have you all. May you have a love filled long and happy life together."

comment by Muttley

"I love the Biography statement. Isn't that the truth!! Lil is beautiful. I hope you have many happy years together!"

comment by GwdGma

"Beautiful Loki sounds like a wonderful FOREVER FRIEND and I hope ya'll have many happy years together!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Love her ears! Much love from Michigan!"

comment by puppyfixation

"Please check out Lil's album I think I have Loki's twin !"

comment by lilsmom

"aww shes so cute!!"

comment by katomondo

"awww gorgeous gordon, my family have always had gordon setters. the one we have at the moment is Coll hes 12 years old now, the years have flown by! his partner in crime Skye passed away 4 years ago, and she was the spitting image of your dog! they really are so intelligent and loyal."

comment by gordonsetterfan

"she is very pretty!"

comment by dogs101


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