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Ohhh Boy. You're not Ready for How Amazing These Spinone Italianos Are.

"Wonderful and Beautiful!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"nunzio looks like a couch potato. i have a vizsla and when he is not running around or pointing at airplanes, he is a total couch potato. i love his face. what a cutie."

comment by karikarikari

"wow hes gorgeous! im a big spinone fan, love the beards! enjoy him"

comment by elmer23

"YAY!!!!!! I have a spinone, but I haven't seen any other ones on this website.. and then I found you! I have 1 spinone boy named Viggo, he is a little puppy! only 3 months old! We had another spinone named Enzo, he passed away though when he was 4, over the summer of 2008, he is on our profile page too! Search: Viggo and you'll find us! Send us a message, we would love to hear about your spinone!"

comment by Viggo


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