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Your Naughty Estrela Mountain Dogs Have Arrived!

"What a beautiful Boy, his markings are amazing,, bet everyone falls in love with hm,, belly rubs. xxxxx"

comment by ~Claire~

"Your full "title" cracked me up, Louie....:-)"

comment by w102663

"You take the most beautiful pictures, Ltd. Louie! I wish I could reach out and give you a squeeze..."

comment by w102663

"He is simply adorable! Looks like he's going to be one big boy! LOL!"

comment by pandrews-4

"WOW dare I say my favorite is you, Louie, on the Daily Puppy?!?!?!? I just LOVE your pictures! What character and looks you have. I just can't say enough! EXTRA treats and pets, love Jed and Melissa. : o)"

comment by misterpiko


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