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Ohhh Boy. Can you Believe How Goofy These Golden Retrievers Are?

"Go Max, go!"

comment by biggdogg90

"I'm sorry, but I just can't stand this much cuteness! It's too much for one human to take, Sadie."

comment by westiefan99

"loveeely!!! so adorable! have a happy life both of you together! "

comment by kailexla

"Sadie you are adorable as is your older sister. May both of you have many healthy happy active years together ~"

comment by Kelsey's mom

"I hope that beautiful Louie lives a very long and super happy life full of love and lots of tail wagging fun!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I love the profile on this pup!"

comment by saintbernardhouse

"He is so cute!! "

comment by mak22

"Awww what a darling little face... I can't believe this little angel would ever cause any trouble! [hehe]"

comment by gryt

"Louie has such a sweet, innocent face. Yes, his profile picture is beautiful, too. He seems to have the makeup of a dear pet: loyal, charming, mischievous but sweet. :-) May you have a l--oooooong, happy life together. xoxoxo to you, Sweet Boy, Louie!! :-) "

comment by Pupeluv

"U have two beautiful fur babies. How fun!"

comment by schotime

"Tuba is so cool. What a great face! "

comment by schotime


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