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You're Gonna Flip Over how Darling these Golden Retrievers are.

"Ah, a Valentines puppy! He looks like a Gund! "

comment by saintbernardhouse

"hi cutie "

comment by lozzy 101

"It would be helpful to actually include the photo I'm talking about! Sorry for the goof."

comment by NancyK

"Sweet & precious Sadie is 100% beautiful+! She looks very happy and content!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I love snow pics and she looks like she loves playing in the snow. My dogs love the snow too!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I love all of her wonderful pics! Beautiful looks very happy and content in all of her pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What a sweetie! Wishing you many happy years filled with doggie treats and belly rubs!"

comment by lya.ayl.098

"Hi Indy, You are just adorable, its hard to pick a favorite photo because they are all so good. Have a long and happy life with your family filled with lots of walks and fun in the water. Love Poppy from Scotland xxxxx"

comment by schnauzer

"Awwwwww; What a pretty boy! You will have lots of fun together.. Many happy years to all of you.."

comment by monkeynbubba

"This is the cutest + 110% adrablest!! Many treats and happy years together!!!!!!!!!"

comment by jazzielovesdogs

"Indy is super cute! scruffy fluffy puppies always are! hugs from harley and tank!"

comment by Mulvaney1031

"I am a breeder of mini Goldendooles and Indiana is perfect example of our breed. Puppy hugs! "

comment by Mama Sandy

"Your dog is awesome!!!:D"

comment by Lidsin

"What a cutie!!!!!I love your color.Lots of belly rubs!!!Please comment on my puppies."

comment by Debbie 57

"That's not a dog; that's a lion! lol! She's a beauty! "

comment by wolfgirl66


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