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These Soooooo Sweet Golden Retrievers Want to Meet You!

"Both of them are very beautiful!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Awwww Trey is soooo adorable! My dogs and I are so crazy about you. We think you are the cutest Golden Retriever in the whole world. XOXOXO!"

comment by mychiensr1

"Trey is very handsome and looks like a great forever friend. Retrievers are very faithful and true. Have fun Trey."

comment by drakes' granny

"Hello everyone: I need to comment about this photo, and you will understand why after reading my comment: This is Rusher(the big boy)he was Trey's best friend for 5 yrs, we miss him terribly. The strange thing about Trey and Rusher. Ever since Trey was a puppy he would lay on Rusher's back end (as in pic), we always thought it was cute, best buds and all. Well Rusher's golden days came to an end when he was diagnosed with rectal cancer, no need to go into detail about losing a family member. Since the days of Rusher's passing I look at the picture of Trey laying there on Rusher's back end, and I have to ask myself; "Was Trey trying to tell us something, did he know something we did'nt long before long before the cancer got to big?" Any thoughts?"

comment by Treybo56

"dude seriously that is the cutest ive ever seen like ever in the history of the world"

comment by starheart5

"wow how amazingly adorable!!!! "

comment by singingfrees19

"Adorable!!! "

comment by sassy dog

"cute i have a golden"

comment by mlp

"Tessie is a Love. Love those Sox. A Yankee Fan. Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)"

comment by lizanne

"She is cute!!!!"

comment by layla9925

"I hope that y'all enjoy many happy years with pretty Gracie! She's totally sweet! All of her pictures are precious!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Gracie your a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose


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