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Lol. Can you Believe How Fluffy These Golden Retrievers Are?

"Please post more pics of adorable Marty! He is certainly a sweet addition to your family!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wardr0107

"great story. i love adoption stories!"

comment by rkozolup

"You're quite like a dog as I......he is beautiful:D"

comment by jambopes

"cute biography!!! and those pictures of him sleeping just killed me cus they were so cute!! and i also adored the ones of him in the snow sooooooooo cute!!!"

comment by starheart5

"He is just a cupcake!"

comment by puppysandy


comment by puppylover4777

"omg so cute"

comment by mlp

"Charlie- You are so cute- I would love to see more pictures"

comment by maddie the dog

"Just the sweetest Golden. Love the pic of Charlie with those dark, muddy feet. Aww, what a darling puppy. Hugs! Elizabeth"

comment by lizanne

"i love charlie i have him as one of my favorite dogs on my profile he is sooo adorable i love golden retreivers kira"

comment by kndkira

"Your pup is so cute!"

comment by kgal92

"I love this picture! Come meet Lexi!"

comment by kel7

"i have one look at my account: jillian7646"

comment by jillian7646

"he's still adorable!"

comment by jillian7646

"I love her."

comment by alexask


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