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These Golden Retrievers are Preposterously Naughty

"Oh Kallie, aren't you a sweet little teddy bear?! You remind me so very much of my Double Doodle pup, Alice Eloise. Sending you oodles of Doodle kisses and cuddles from Alice Eloise and me!"

comment by Sarah Kathryn

"Hello Max! you are sooooooooooooooo SWEET, PLAYFUL, CUDDLY, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL & PLAYFUL! You make me smile! Bye Bye SWEETHEART!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I love him this pic is soooo adorable!!!! xoxoxoxox"

comment by saintbernardhouse

"You are soooo cute Max!"

comment by pepsidoggie

"This is too funny! What a cutie pie. I love you, Max attack:-)."

comment by mychiensr1

"Beautiful Bailey looks very happy & I hope she enjoys a long & happy life full of tail wagging fun! She's wonderful!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"A most wonderful baby. "

comment by schotime

"Look at those paws!"

comment by saintbernardhouse

"2 cute!!!!!!!!"

comment by puppyprints

" super cute and cuddley"

comment by punkdog123

"Bailey is so sweet! I just got a golden puppy too, they're the best! "

comment by olliedoggie

"bobo liu is so cute! i love dressing up our dogs! bobo liu looks really good in the suit!"

comment by tobyslattery

"Looks like he was all dressed up for his NYE party!!! Looking verrrry handsome!!! :)"

comment by luvmyboyz

"Bobo looks like an all around awesome dog! I love all your pictures. It's so sad about his tail, I'm glad he was able to readjust. He is one of the best looking dogs on here, of course I'm partial to Golden's anyway. Many, many happy years to you and your family."

comment by froggygirl103

"he is so cute i do not know what to say!"

comment by dogs101

"he looks like a real gentleman in his tuxedo!!!!"

comment by dapplefritz7

"What a handsome happy boy!!!!!!!!!! He looks adorable in his tux and Santa suit!!!"

comment by ckendall

"Sweet and adorable Zelda's as cute as a button!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Her and her friends put a smile on my face when i saw how amazing they are!!!!!!!!!! Please comment on my pups Rowdy and Leilei."

comment by sundayfriday


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