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20 Perfectly Mischeivous Golden Retrievers to Cheer You Up.

"Cute! Mischievous! Kind! Loving! Stubborn! and High EQ at the same time!!! "

comment by Aggie_A

"Totally SWEET!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wolfgirl66

"Hello Sweet Buddy! You are very beautiful and I hope you enjoy a very long life full of love and lots of fun! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Buddy your a very handsome boy. I hope that you have a great life. Hugs and kisses to you."

comment by Jose

"What a great photo this is. That expression is the best."

comment by Critter Crazy

"Cute Oliver sounds like a very happy dog!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"So cute! please add more pics! Comment on my dogs please!"

comment by smithtownanimalshelter

"Nevermind about the pictures i said that when there was one!"

comment by smithtownanimalshelter

"I have a goldendoodle. I was told he was an average doodle. but i'm convinced he is a mini. Do you know how big a mini gets? And how do you trim around his eyes? i cant keep hair from getting in wimblies eyes."

comment by Wimblie

"Great Pictures--really does look like a little teddy bear! Just want to hug him up!!"

comment by Petgirl797

"Dexter, better wait for Santa! U r too cute. "

comment by schotime

"love the tie. Dexter is so adorable"

comment by goldendoodlelover12345

"4 Christmas u will get so many presants!!!!!!"

comment by #arie

"Oh my goodness please add me!!!!! She is soooooo cute all I can say is baby words like nsdkjhjsdhfj!!! I wish her a very long life!!!!! Congratulations on getting Grown Up of the Day!!!! Beautiful name someone in my class their name is Chloe and they spell it the same too!! I wish her many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, more love, and many more GREAT things!! Please check out my dogs!! Thanks sooooo much!!!:D"

comment by lindseyfamilyof4


comment by labs n'goldies4life

"Aww.. she is sooo adorable! say hi to her for me! peace love ruff!"

comment by ilmw98

"She is a cutie patutie"

comment by doodieboodie

"Chloe you are so beautiful!"

comment by alinazacc


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