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20 Rlyrly Mischeivous Golden Retrievers to Cheer You Up.

"Totally ADORABLE!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I hope that these wonderful dogs enjoy very long & happy lives full of love!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Lily is entirely beautiful, but what else can you expect from a Golden. Good luck and long life to Lily, her friends, and family."

comment by tomznoddy

"She looks sooo gentle."

comment by saintbernardhouse

"ALL of the pictures are droolworthy!!! I gasped from cuteness at every single one. Lily is off the charts; definite future Daily Puppy!!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"So pretty, I would love a puppy just like her! Thanks for the smiles today,I really needed it. "

comment by misterpiko

"she is sooo cute i love her ears! "

comment by jakechiafoxlvr

"Awwwwwww.....Whatta sweetie-pie!! Love ALL your pics....so sweet and huggable and lovable!! Hugs & kisses from me & McGee!!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"On behalf of Lucy and all blondes (canine and human alike) I will try to let that remark slide. When we pretend we're dumb, we get everything we want. Lol. Lucy is precious and trust me, all Goldens r smarties; unlike all blonde humans. "

comment by schotime

"Aside from the tasteless joke, she looks like a nice dog. Grew up with the Golden/lab mixes and they were the best."

comment by Bluesgirl

"Sweet & lovely Autumn looks very very happy!!!!!!! I hope y'all enjoy many wonderful years together! I like her name! Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Autumn, this pose is called the "bear rug"! You are soooo adorable, but of course you know that!!!! What a sweetie:)"

comment by pupfanatic

"And this is a perfect pic of a perfect face. Sigh."

comment by pupfanatic

"Autumn is so cute! Golden Retrievers are one super breed! When I'm older, I will get one of these dogs!"

comment by madelynk

"Seeing Autumn sprawled out in that position reminds me of our 1st Golden (Dewars). He sprawled out like that all the way to his last days, always made me laugh when he was in that position, and the expressions on his face, and his eyebrows bouncing back and forth as he looked aroundm, so funny. Thanks for the chuckle! "

comment by Treybo56

"You did get me in this ridiculous position to tickle my tummy, didn't you? It wasn't just so you could take another picture of adorable me? There really is going to be a tummy rub and a treat, right? Koda, no one could possibly resist you, and I know you and your two-legged family are going to have a lifetime of love and treats and tennis balls!"

comment by westiefan99

"This pic is just too much. I want to squeeze her. Koda is gorgeous. "

comment by schotime


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