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Need Some Fluffy Golden Retrievers in your Day? Of Course You Do.

"God's Grace and Love - do you think, like I do, that God puts a little bit of Himself in our beloved friends? You have a wonderful friend in Ellie, as I have in Cheyenne. Blessings, Sandy"

comment by Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2

"oh what a sweetie! She is so darling! I have always loved baby golden retrievers! They are so sweet! I like her name also! my friend has a golden retriever and her names Mia too! ( The only thing that is different is because its just spelled M-a-y-a)Have fun with your sweet little pup! :)"

comment by puppylove32

"I guess this is Mia's way of saying, "Happy Halloween!""

comment by puppylove32

"Oh My God. Mia, the fact that you have a lil bow on your sweet, adorable ear is more proof that Mommy loves you. How could she not? You are to die for!"

comment by pupfanatic

"You're adorable!"

comment by Miranda_Ashe

"I love to go on the boat too!"

comment by Miranda_Ashe

"I hope that beautiful Gracie enjoys a very long and happy life full of love and tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by sparky123

"she is soo cute"

comment by jessymessywaffles24

"what a beauty. I'm sure she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Labs and Goldens are sooo friendly and caring."

comment by janaS

"Ripley is a great name!"

comment by German Shepherd Rescue Of Orange County

"Ripley,you sure have a nice smile!Your one handsome boy.Lots of hugs and kisses."

comment by Debbie 57

"Hello Ripley!! =] wow you too are a super-duper cutie!! =] i love this photo and you too are sooo handsome!! =] Come see me im a little doberman named Midnight!! =]"

comment by 321DobieLuver123

"Ripley is a very handsome doggie, And he definitely deserves to win the Daily Puppy! He has a gorgeous face and sounds like a great dog to have, very playful! Spice used to get jealous every time Sugar got a bit of attention too, like Ripley and Bonaparte! Anyway, congratulations on winning the feature! Ripley's a great Grown~Up Daily Puppy! ~~Please come and comment on my dogs, ThankYou!(:"

comment by *CrazyPippin*

"***awww ripley! you look like something is just about to tumble on top of you! since i know you in real life i am soo giving you an extra treat for winning. i mean...no wonder the dailypuppy admin let you win today's grown-up puppy! you are soo cute in the pictures, but trust me, your even cuter in real life! i hope to see bonaparte next time i visit your mummy's house. oh and i know why he has different collars. because the purple one was when he was like 11months old and as he got older he continued to grow. and i don't know if he is still growing since i haven't seen him for a little while. congrats anyway!!! :]***"

comment by **ChopChop!**


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