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Your Darling Poodles Have Arrived!

"hes cute!!"

comment by i love pups lots

"you puppy is so cute"

comment by crazy emily

"You are right! He couldn't get any cuter. Love the crate and santa hat pic."

comment by cookieyordon

"Emma is adorable!"

comment by Lulus Mom

"Hello Beautiful! I hope you enjoy many happy years in your loving 4ever home! All of your pics are adorable! Bye Bye Sweetheart!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Such a cute little dog!"

comment by tom.zabinski.1

"We love your pics. You are so sweet looking."

comment by browneyes

"Oh my goodness! You are just adorable, lovable, huggable, kissable, tummy rubbable... oh, I could keep showering superlatives on you for days! You are the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I wish you were mine, but I am not, so I hope you have a wonderful life in your forever home. "

comment by SiobhanOLS


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