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Awwww. Here Come the Poodles!

"Oh Penny, you look so sweet and lovable, not to mention pretty. And I love the sparkle in your eyes in this picture - you must be thinking of somebody you love."

comment by sterlingmom

"What a little angel!! So glad Piper found a great home with you!!"

comment by poodles4evr

"All of her pictures are lovely! I adore her! I hope that y'all enjoy lots of wonderful years together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"hi camila you are so lovely and adorable! lots of hugs and treats from cosmo :)"

comment by cosmoyorkie

"Wow! Argentina is so far away from our california home!! Thanks, my dogs say hi to Camila as well"

comment by Sassy Mow

"I absolutely LOVE your dog!!!! She is purely cute. Please check out my dog Indy, and do you wanna be my friend? :)"

comment by Sassy Mow

"Ha! You thought you were going to keep my golden curls in puppy perfection by using that brush and by bribing me with a treat, didn't you? Just 'cos a camera's in your hand doesn't mean this golden beauty isn't going to show my inner rebel! Miss Darcy, you are gorgeous, and I think your mum knows how lucky she is to have you to cuddle, coddle and generally love!"

comment by westiefan99

"Miss Darcy is fabulous! Great pix. "

comment by schotime

"Miss Darcy you are so stylish and so gorgeous! Love from your pal Gracie across the Atlantic. xo"

comment by elizaduffy@gmail.com

"Omg!!!! adorable!!!!!! you no thats my name!! haha! so adorable i wanna squeeze you and take you home!!! "

comment by darcynewing


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