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20 Painfully Joyful Poodles to Cheer You Up.

"You are so adorable. I just want to kiss you little nose and hug you! It looks like you are living in a big city...be careful and look both ways before you cross the street. I wish you many years of love and bones sweetie! "

comment by rebamarsh

"I want one! Such a sweet face, look at those eyes! hugs and kisses, Bernie-bear...you are what adorable is all about!"

comment by momomtx

"THAT IS SOOOOOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by dak2010

"more poo than shih. you have a funny family cutie pie."

comment by jack14

"Bella as a bar maid - LOL - Screamin' cute.... I can't stop laughing!!!"

comment by Abiglen

"Oh Banjo! You are gorgeous! You have such great pictures, you are such a cutie pie! I cant get enough of you!! You should be a super star!! Have a great life sweetheart! Hugs n' kisses!! XOXO"

comment by Mydalmations

"You are perfect little Banjo1"

comment by MsJaxFla

"Why are you getting a b a t h Banjo? You could not possibly NEED one! Clean, blue water, not a single smudge on your bath tub....... what the heck?"

comment by MsJaxFla

"What a wonderful, beautiful puppy!"

comment by MsJaxFla

"This is another striking photo of you Banjo. Strawberry blonde you on a white with green background.... could not be more perfect. Well, except for........"

comment by MsJaxFla

"Sorry Cosmo I meant "were "you" named", etc..."

comment by w102663


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