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Couldn't You Just Look at These Gorgeous Australian Shepherds All Day?

"Bella is just gorgeous! Both Australian Shepherds that I know called Bella are beautiful! (That's what it means in Italian) Congrats on winning DP :) Tons of hugs & treats from Pippin =] Check out my dogs, please comment on them. Thanks! ^_^"

comment by dobielove17


comment by wolfgirl66

"I love blue merle Australian shepherd! beautiful!"

comment by rardimg

"Your dog is really cute!! From petlover19 :);):);):);):);):)"

comment by petlover19

"LOVE this picture!!! I love all her pictures but this really made me smile!! She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl. Hugs from me & McGee!!"

comment by yankigal

"oh my gosh, Penny just might be the Cutest Thing Ever!! what a gorgeous pup, and sounds like she's going to a great home :-)"

comment by weaverpup

"i love aussies!and she is so cute!!"

comment by sugar tail

"Oh, Penny, you are too cute! You remind me so much of my Bailey when she was your age. You will grow to be your mommy's best girl ever! Blessings!"

comment by momomtx

"I hope that pretty Shiloh and y'all enjoy lots of happy years together! She's very sweet, cuddly, playful and lovable!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Well, hello prettie merlie-girlie! Tell mum to take more pics so you can be on the front page where all Aussies need to be. A long, healthy life to you, Mistress Shiloh. Tummy tickles from TX from this Aussie mum."

comment by shaungrl

"awesome aussie... i have one as well... luve the herding breed.. "

comment by rhondap7777

"Purfect!! This is the face everyone could love!"

comment by dwanek1022

"We love your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"Pretty, pretty Shiloh, what a beauty you are! Aussies are fantastic dogs. Defintely more photos, you are absolutely front page gorgeous! I could snuggle with you for hours on end. Many healthy, happy years for you Shiloh."

comment by bestfriends

"Awwwww! I love seeing doggies play in the water. Jack is a cutie. "

comment by wolfgirl66


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