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These Australian Shepherds are Really Precious

"I love her blue eyes! amazing....i hope mine has blue eyes when she opens them, hav eto wait a few weeks!"

comment by jana3787

"OMG! And she has the same stuffed aussie toy! "

comment by dazydo


comment by wolfgirl66

"she is one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen!! u must be proud to have her!"

comment by sunnyewilliams

"wow! I stumbled upon Toad's page when he was just a little puppy and I fell in love with him, he's grown up so much, congrats on a beautiful dog :)"

comment by shar85

"Toad is so cool!"

comment by rozier

"I just commented on her "Feature Page". I also wanted to stop by and give ya a BIG HUG for rescuing her!!! I CANNOT even conceive the thought of this shelter euthanizing an adorable 6 week old baby! Someone there needs to be drop kicked! Makes me so very angry!!! But you were her Guardian Angel, and though it sounds bizarre, I truly believe they know we are and the love they will give us is immeasurable and NEVER ENDING! Did you travel out of state to save this precious baby? God Bless You for being such an extraordinary K-9 parent~ It's OBVIOUS they are family to you! OK...Now what is the meaning behind her nickname? LOL! I just LUV IT! Wishing MANY healthy and happy memories for many years to follow. ~hugs n belly rubs~ deb p.s. Turkey is very handsome!"

comment by proud mommy of 3

"I love the 5th pic (soo adorable)"

comment by petlover19

"I love the swimming pictures- and the cuddle picture"

comment by maddie the dog

"Toad is adorable! And now we know what type of dog our rescue is - she's the spitting image of Toad but with a deeper chocolate coat. Even though I've always said she's 100% adorable, it's nice to be able to say that she's an Aussie Cattle mix...thank you for posting your baby's pictures! She's a love!!"

comment by kwimmerstedt


comment by doggy_dancer101

"Did you know that someone on DC has stolen Wild Turkey and Toad's pictures?"

comment by doggy_dancer101

"I had a chow chow/ blue healer mix. He was a great dog with "built in" manners, and loads of personality..Toad is a cutie pie! "

comment by danetriplets

"We love looking at your pics. You are so sweet looking."

comment by browneyes

" i used to have a red cattle dog at age 14"

comment by bjpuppies

"I love the swimming pictures. My lab/rottie mix is a true "water dog"!"

comment by animallover4life

"Opps...I meant lives. All of your dogs are great and I enjoyed seeing Zappa on grown up puppy today!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"100% BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS COAT! I hope that Dweezil, Daxie, Zappa and Zya all have long and happy loves in their loving FOREVER HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What a handsome boy you got there. I sure do like his coat. Very nice markings.."

comment by prides_halo

"He sure is a handsome boy!!!!! He looks to be a very happy boy too! Glad he wasn't shot, shame the owner of the puppy mill wasn't though."

comment by ckendall


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