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These Australian Shepherds are So-So Fluffy

"Lilly you are gorgeous! :-)"

comment by weaverpup

"What fun and what an adorable pup!"

comment by leia kelly

"oh my lily, hope you didn't get in too much trouble for getting so dirty. can still see how cute you are though."

comment by jack14

"In hot pursuit - Lily's enjoying every moment of it! Lol. "

comment by Abiglen

"What an adorable pup! I recommend feeding something better than Beneful. All the purina products are pretty much crap. Check the ingredients. You can get a lot better food quality for not much more money at the pet stores such as PetSmart, Petco, etc... Your pets will thank you and so will your vet bill in the later years..."

comment by laurello

"That looks like a nice place to go for a dip, Chance!"

comment by gryt

"They said "Good till the last bite""

comment by Photojems

"OMG, the real question should be, who wouldnt want this gorgeous pup? i'm so glad someone adopted you, little girl :-)"

comment by weaverpup

"How sweet is this pic!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"Black and white puppies are the best!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"beautiful puppy."

comment by loveofpuppies

"congrats on your new home sarah!!! lots of belly rubs!"

comment by jlover88


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